A Live Roulette Guide for Players in the US

The US is a huge market for roulettes. In fact, it has its own type called the American roulette, which is played by millions of players not just in the US but worldwide. Joining the bandwagon of roulette gambling may seem easy to do, but devoid of sufficient knowledge of the game, players could end up paying a high price for the more losing streaks than winnings. But with this simple guide for players in the US, anyone should be on the right track of playing a live roulette game without crashing the bankroll.

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What is the difference between Online and Live Roulette?

When the traditional roulette shifted gears to online, many players welcomed its online presence and started playing casinos using mobiles and laptops due to its easy access and convenience in playing. But over time, it has further evolved to offer live casino games streamed online with a live dealer, which provided a more realistic experience compared to Virtual online roulette spun randomly by the software without any croupier.

How to Play Live Dealer Roulette Online?

Playing with an online live dealer starts with choosing the right casino provider that offers roulette in their platform with live dealers. Not all have such feature, so it is best to check this out at the start. The game is similar to the actual roulette offered in land-based casinos, and commences with placing bets on a single or multiple numbers. The live dealer accepts the wagers and spins the wheel. So, basically, the same process applies with the roulette in land-based casinos.

Types of Bet

online roulette table

There are several types of bets for online roulettes, some are high stakes while other are low stakes. There are also inside bets and outside bets. It is important to know each type to ensure wagering is well-aligned with the budget.

Inside Bets

These are bets placed on the numbers at the inner or center part of the wagering layout. The odds of winning from the inside bets may be lower, but the payout is also higher. So, this is best suited for high rollers willing to take chances for bigger payouts. There are different variations to inside bets, such as Straight-up, Split, Six Line, Corner, Trio, and Street.

Outside Bets

Contrary to inside bets, outside bets are wagers placed on the outer section of the betting layout, and the chances of winning are higher but with modest payout. Just like inside bets, there are various types of outside bets, like dozen bets, column bets, red or black, odd-even, 1 to 18, and 19 to 36 outside bets.

Games of Roulette You Can Play Online

Knowing the ins and outs of the game is vital in playing online roulettes. With several game variations and different wagering options, it is important to be fully equipped with sufficient knowledge of the game.

High Stakes

Reserved for the experienced players, high stakes games are high risk, as well, because minimum bets start high, generally not less than a dollar up to as high as 5,000. On the other hand, payouts are also very attractive. A win or two on a high stakes game could already make the day.

Low Stakes

Best for beginners and conservative players, low stakes games allow anyone to place singe to multiple bets without risking a fortune. Despite the small bets, potential returns for low stakes roulette can be as high as 36 times the stake.

Auto Roulette

Reserved for the fast and furious, as the term implies it’s an automated fast-faced roulette with no live croupier that can produce as much as 80 games in an hour. Apparently, automatic roulette is the type well-suited for the high rollers who play by the numbers game; the more games played on the automatic roulette wheel the higher chances of winning big time.

European Roulette

The European style is well famous for its lower house edge at 2.7% on the average compared to its American counterpart at more than 5%. This is due to the lesser number of pockets on the wheel at 37 with only one zero. This is also the most common type found in most casino houses worldwide, both online and land-based.

French Roulette

French and European roulettes are both identical in wheel design and betting options. They also have the same number of pockets at 37 with only one zero. The main difference between the two is the additional rules played on the French roulette, such as the ‘La Partage’ and ‘En Prison,’ both played on even money bets. In the La Partage game, the wager is divided into two when the wheel ends up on zero, with half of the bet goes to the house, while the other half to the player. As a result, the house edge is further reduced to 1.36%, making it the best roulette with the lowest house edge. Likewise, in the En Prison, the same rule applies, except that the bet is not divided between the player and the house but marked as freeze or literally ‘in prison’ and reserved for the next round. If the player wins on the succeeding round, he gets 100% of the wager; otherwise 100% is lost, as well.

American Roulette

It is easy to tell an American roulette because of its unique wheel with two zeros on it, bringing the total numbers at stake to 38. Consequently, the house edge also increased to 5.26% compared to the lower house edge of the other types. In spite of this, the American type is still preferred by many US players.

Speed Roulette

For experienced players aiming at winning more in an hour, then the speed roulette is a perfect choice because of its fast-paced gameplay that can be done in 30 seconds or less, allowing for more rounds played in a minute or two compared to the classic games. Players have only 15 seconds to place bets, and wagers can start for as low as $0.10 minimum bet. This game is available on platforms powered by Evolution, a well-respected casino software provider.

Types for Online Roulette

There are three major types of roulette you can find online, and they are the American Roulette, French Roulette, and European Roulette. Among the 3, the American type is quite distinct for having two zeros on the live roulette wheel, increasing the numbers to 38 in all, compared to European and French with only one zero, and a total playable number of 37. Although, there are many other types of roulettes nowadays, most of them are game variations of any of the three major variants. Other types are simply based on designs and themes. Some wheels have a cherry design, while others are animated.

Roulette Strategies

While roulette is a game of chance, there are betting strategies used by some players with hopes of increasing the odds. First of all, check the house advantage. Beginners may want to start first with the French Roulette, which has the lowest house edge for the La Partage game. Also, know the inside bets and outside bets; a perfect mix of the two could work well in changing the tides against the house. Moreover, be familiar with the Martingale Strategy, which involves doubling the bet on the next round after a loss. This may work at times, but a losing streak could also end up messing the bankroll pretty bad. So carefully assess if it’s worth a try. The same with all other strategies of the game; check and test to see what works.

Real Money Roulette

real money roulette

There may be free roulette games that anyone can play without financial risk, playing with online roulette real money unlocks more game variations, and are often compensated with amazing live roulette bonus, exciting perks, surprising free live roulette spins, and VIP rewards. Free games are good to familiarize the game, but once ready it is best to start playing with live roulette real money.

Roulette Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Live Dealer Roulette?

The epic collection of live dealer roulettes offered online nowadays can sometimes make it quite daunting in choosing the right one. But with the different promotions and perks offered by individual brands, it becomes easier to spot the best one to try out. But still, it’s not safe to say that the best offer wins. Some brands may have none or limited promotions, yet they can also provide the fastest withdrawals and quick payouts. So check out each site and carefully balance the options. For a start, look for the one with three major roulette types, which are the American, French, and European roulettes offered on the table for better wagering flexibility.

How to Win Online Live Roulette?

To win at a live roulette, it is important to play the odds well. Placing more bets on different numbers may increase the chances of winning, but the payout will also decrease. So it is best to master balancing the odds. For starters, bet outside the numbers first, since the chances of winning are higher. As skills are acquired over time, start taking higher risk by using inside bets. Anyone is easily tempted to increase the bets and start playing progressive games, especially if winnings are successive; while this is good, but it is also vital to keep in mind the bankroll. More importantly, know the entirely of the game; the strategies, the different types, and the betting options.

Where to Play Online Live Roulette in USA?

US players can play live roulette casino games anytime. Although some states may have legal restrictions when it comes to online casinos with local operations in the area, majority can still play live casinos online from software providers based outside of the US. Among the best live roulette online include 888 Casino, Bovada Casino, El Royale, 10Bet Live Casino, 1xBet, and BetOnline, to name a few.

Why Online Live Roulette is better than the Land-Based Casino?

One of the pros for playing live roulette online that it’s is easy and quick access to the game. Anyone can play in an instant, devoid of travel time, and regardless of the weather; rain or shine, the game can go on even during a bad weather condition. Another advantage is complete privacy; so gambling habits are safe from the knowledge of friends and colleagues at work. The best part is, live roulettes offer the same excitements as playing personally on the roulette table with its realistic virtual rendition of the real game, especially with an attractive dealer spinning the wheels in real time. This can tremendously save time and gasoline, or taxi fares.

Why Play Live Dealer Roulette?

For many players who can’t visit a brick and mortar casino house for some reasons, a live dealer roulette would be a perfect alternative with games streamed online in real time. On top of that, the games are accessible anytime and anywhere, and even playable thru mobiles while on the go.

All Set to Play Roulette

While this roulette guide for players in the US is quite brief, knowing where to start, what type of wheels to use, the betting options available, and strategies in some games, are all already enough to start the mood to commence placing some bets. Regardless if there are strategies and tricks or none at all, at the end of the game, winning is just but pure luck, while losing is fate that must already be accepted at the onset. What should really matter is sheer enjoyment of the game, and if luck strikes on a game or two of live roulette USA then all the more happier.